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Days of Solstice

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And a full moon tonight to launch them! What better form to hold in attention for anyone working with manifestation! And aren’t we all doing just that?

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Of course there are many other and potentially better forms I could choose, and so can you. A choice needn’t be what’s currently fashionable or widely accepted, but what actually works. Unless your practice is itself a pose, which is its own grand art. Coffee-table magic, glossy and expensive and meant for show. Illusion is the supreme fiction, which after all is another kind of making — fiction and fact being both closer kin and bitterer enemies than we suspect.

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Every month the posts here detailing full moon ritual receive a surge in views, and this month’s no different. But also completely new. Never before has there been a Cold Moon in 2022, and never again will it rise late in the sky (at least for the east coast U.S.) on this night. I interrogate the moon, just as it questions me most every night, full or new, waxing or waning. The best answers come from what I do all month long, not just on a single night.

A thousand years ago and more, the unknown scribe who set down the details of the lunar month in the Leechdoms got it right: On ðám mónðe synd getealde nigon and twéntig daga and twelf tída: þis is se mónelica mónað. ‘In the month are told nine and twenty of days and twelve hours: this is the lunar (‘moon-ly’) month.’ That is, the 29.5 day period is from a lunar phase to the return of that same phase. Leechdoms, Starcraft, and Wortcunning of Early England, goes the title, if you click the link.

Oh, for a moonly month. Some of the best divination is daydream, when I forget myself and walk with my guide and return re-amazed at being here at all.

May your moon bless you as you bless it. May your light be the moon’s, illumination that peers in through any window you leave open, uncurtained, not concerned with what you’re doing, only with your openness to its light.

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