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31 Days of Lunasa: Day 7 — Four of Coins



Here we are roughly a day before the new moon. All day it’s been an interval of listening for me.

Four of Coins, Page of Wands, Temperance — these are the cards I’ve drawn from Kat Black’s Golden Tarot [see next post].

Storytelling with the first card:

I sit with my back to the city walls, though I’m resting just outside them, less than a bowshot distant. Within my hearing several women gossip about me. I have on a cleric’s robe, though I’m trusting more to the coins in my purse than to any spiritual attainment to see me through the coming days. The book in my lap can’t hold my attention — something in the distance does. My eyesight ruined by years of close manuscript work, I can’t make out what I’m seeing, though I clutch like a shield the largest coin I carry.

A curious blocking or resistance, at times almost physical.

/|\ /|\ /|\

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