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ADruidWay’s Top 10 Posts of 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, my thanks again to you for taking the time to read and ponder the posts here. As always, I value your comments and suggestions.

10. Druiding without (an) Order — 2

A look at five less immediately obvious aspects of practicing without an Order or group nearby: initiation, spiritual formation, community, proficiency and service. This post resonated with readers also confronting the increased isolation of most of 2020.

9. Moon Ritual Scrapbook

Among other things, this post asks two questions: “What’s your ritual goal?” and “What’s your moon?” Your goal and the time of year can both shape any moon ritual, giving you a starting point and ready imagery to work with.

8. Porth i’r Byd Arall — Gate(s) to the Otherworld

Another two-parter. “As children all of us spent at least some time peering from the gates of an Otherworld into this one. That’s almost a definition of childhood. Imagination came so readily then that we thought nothing of it — it was our native tongue, our common language. We thought nothing of it because our journeys back and forth between the worlds felt completely natural, for the simple reason that they are”.

7. 111 Hertz — Our Ancient Song of Healing and Attunement

The ancient earth wisdom of the planet is readily accessible in human frequencies. This can become a core part of a powerful practice.

6. Samhain: Season to Taste

A nine-part series around Samhain, similar to the recent Nine Days of Solstice series.

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A snapshot of your engagement with this blog. You don’t talk much, but you do keep reading.

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5. A Review of J. M. Greer’s The Mysteries of Merlin

Mysteries in the older sense of the word, as Greer points out, are “the traditional name for rituals of initiation linked to seasonal cycles and based on the mythic narratives of Pagan gods and goddesses” (pg. 2).

4. Druiding without (an) Order

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Orders and Solitary Paths.

3. The Céile Dé and the Fonn

If you’re looking for aids to meditation and a means to reduce anxiety, gain focus and know your own core being, a fonn of the Céile Dé may be for you.

2. Towards a Full Moon Ritual

Technically from 2019, but you gave it over 80% of its views in 2020 rather than when I first posted it, and it reflects our human hunger for ritual and responding to that lovely silvery light of our nearest planetary companion, and to the power of millennia of stories, poems and songs about the moon.

1. Books and Links on Druidry

A page I added this year, so I’m counting it as a post. Its position as the most popular post of 2020 gives added confirmation to what we already know – the Druid- and Pagan-friendly are definitely readers. An obviously personal and idiosyncratic selection that nevertheless attempts to put good books by responsible authors into the hands of inquirers.

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