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Solstice Feedback, Please!

ruins of temple against clear blue sky

Stonehenge/photo by Pixabay on

You can watch livestream coverage of the Solstice sunset, and then about 7 hours later, the sunrise at Stonehenge, via English Heritage (which administers Stonehenge) on Facebook. Check the link to calculate your local time.

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Hi Everyone. A Druid Way is nearing the end of a major cycle. I’ve been blogging here for 9 years, and Solstice is good time to take stock. So please do let me know in your comments and suggestions your thoughts about this blog. I look forward to hearing from you before June 30, when I’ll make the decision about continuing.

Your support will encourage me to keep going. Likewise, only a few responses will signal that it’s indeed time to shut down the blog.

Should I continue blogging at A Druid Way?

What kinds of posts have been most useful to you?

Are there specific topics you’d like me to look at?

Any other comments and suggestions are welcome.

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