“Is it just me, or …?”

It’s almost never “just me”. Even when we “dare to bare” our hearts on social media (a perilous adventure), where this plaintive question seems to pop up frequently. Living in a cosmos of other beings, it’s almost always something more, ultimately so likely that it’s safe to make it a default setting on our outlooks. (Sometimes, however, you do need to choose the best audience to share it with. Many humans understand much less of such things than most trees, for instance. Looking for solidarity and confirmation? Share it with a tree first!) Encounters everywhere, reminding us, calling to us, engaging us to look beyond “just me”.

Here’s a night visitor to a Vermont Druid in the northern part of the state — a lovely barred owl (Strix varia).


Barred owl, 15 Feb. 2019. Photo courtesy Sue S.

Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, it’s always about more than just me.

Owl says so!

/|\ /|\ /|\

Posted 15 February 2019 by adruidway in animal encounters, Druidry

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