I am a whisper under the moon’s shadow, a song heard from the next room, a melody hummed under the breath;

I am the first bird to the feeder, the last star before dawn, the rain before the rainbow;

I am what I have forgotten so I can remember it again, a question at the altar, the answer of green leaves unfolding;

I am wherever the long dream draws its curtain, when I listen to the voices of ancestors, where the winds find their resting place;

I am why the swallow dips in flight, I am the luck of dice still tumbling, I am the interval when I can say  these things.

/|\ /|\ /|\

Early Irish and Welsh poets such as Amergin and Taliesin composed related poems in the form of “I am” or “I have been” statements, with  imagery drawn from nature, which I’ve imitated here.  The Song of Amergin is one famous example which has survived in different versions.

Posted 18 October 2011 by adruidway in blessing, Druidry, experience, philosophy, poetry, spirituality

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