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Learning by Hearing

One of the options for the OBOD course I’m taking is to receive the course materials either as written text, or on CD (or both).  I opted for the CD version, and the experience of hearing the various narrating voices, the sound-scape rather than sight-scape (each lesson on the CD includes a musical transition between sections), and the absence of a text to refer to, all contribute to a remarkable different sense of learning from what I’m used to as a reader.  While I’m also taking an evening course at a seminary, and though that class is, like many, heavily discussion based, there’s a written syllabus (also online), we generally refer to one or more of the ten assigned class texts, and somehow the greater class experience still feels book-based, even though 95% of the in-class work is informal lecture and discussion.

In sum, the CDs have much of the effect of radio — sound builds different experience than vision.  Though the West is at present heavily biased in favor of sight over hearing, there is a primacy to sound that vision cannot touch.  In the beginning, we’re told, was the Word, the creative sound.  Interestingly, the Hindu tradition also begins with sound — Vac or Vak, the original Word.  Hearing wisdom makes it more visceral and immediate.

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