Druid Clickbait

1. We tried out Druidry for a weekend. Here’s what we discovered.


2. This revival religion was cute as a baby, but what it looks like now is insane.

3. Fans were outraged when his magical secret was revealed.

4. Want to save money on car insurance? Try our new pay-a-Pagan-to-drive-you service.

5. This green lifestyle can cut your grocery bills by 90%!

6. Talk to trees? You may have this common mental health disorder!

7. Famous celebrities you didn’t know were Pagan.

8. Watch as this May Day ritual goes horribly wrong.

9. This woman joins a Druid group. What happens next is incredible!

10. Warning: these unusual old-new beliefs may be changing the planet!

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Image: DeSoto National Monument tree.

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